Help build a company where people come first

DBH's finest investment is in the human resources, as we believe that our human resources are the building blocks on which the company's performance and productivity are based. As our human resources are one of the key success factors of the company, we continue our policy of recruiting best people and implementing programs to develop, motivate and retain talented human resources.

Work environment and culture at DBH

DBH is committed to maintain a healthy work environment, free from discrimination based on gender, age, national origin, religion, marital status, or any other basis not prohibited by law. Our aim is to maintain workplace and environment conditions that permit employees to work to maximum effectiveness and to their full potentials. We appreciate effective internal communications and free flow of ideas, fairness, commitment, teamwork and highest standards of professional excellence and integrity.

Core values of DBH

DBH is valued for its unique work culture facilitating a free and open atmosphere based on trust and mutual respect without compromising on its values and business objectives. Our core values are:

  • Outstanding service to the customer, above all else
  • Honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business
  • Hard work and continuous self-improvement, never being satisfied
  • Respect and concern for the individual employee
  • Individual opportunity, responsibility and reward based on merit

Together, as one team guided by these five core values, we strive towards a common goal: to be the best housing finance institution in the country.

Career development in DBH

Since our human resources give us a clear competitive edge, we continue our policy of recruiting best people with varied backgrounds. Thus our focus always remains on fostering talent, unleashing potential and providing long-term career growth. In pursuit of which, we also provide need based in-house, local and overseas training to our employees. Budding talents grow just perfect in our expert hands. Career development at DBH is solely based on merit, performance and productivity.

Career Opportunities in DBH

DBH offers career in a wide range of areas for individuals of various educational and experience backgrounds in its different functional areas such as Finance, Accounts, Credit, Recovery, Customer Services, Deposits, Loan Operations, Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, Technical (civil engineering), and Internal Compliance etc.